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Kathryn Caitlin Brian

'Ski is a new name for a group that's been around in one form or another for years. The group consists of Kathryn Morski (lead writer, singer, and fingerstyle guitarist), Kathryn's daughter Caitlin (writer, lead singer, and flautist), and her son, Brian (drummer and singer).

The road to 'Ski began when Kathryn started to write songs under the influence of raging hormones. (She was pregnant with Brian at the time.) Since Kathryn has been a musician all her life and has been playing guitar since she was in high school (see Kathryn's Page), she decided to brave the stage as a singer/songwriter. Because she had long straight hair and an acoustic guitar, people started calling her a folk singer, and she did not disabuse them of the notion. After singing around Escanaba for a while, Kathryn met several musical people in the area ('Oh, you do music? You simply MUST meet -so and so-, they're crazy!') and eventually ended up singing with several different configurations such as women's trio Northern Tapestry and Bear Creek Bluegrass Band.

After Kathryn had been singing on stages around the U. P. for more than ten years, her daughter Caitlin asked to join the group (for story, see Caitlin's Page). With a simple personnel change, Northern Tapestry became Familiar Faces, consisting of Kathryn, Caitlin, and Cathy Wilson. In time, Cathy's family schedule made it difficult for her to travel, so Familiar Faces played in Escanaba, while Kathryn and Caitlin (singing as Kathryn and Caitlin Morski, natch,) traveled around the Midwest and through the West. Kathryn and Caitlin also formed an integral part of Strong Voices, the traveling songwriters' singaround with Susan Urban and Kathy and Irene Folkerts from the Chicago area. That stopped with Caitlin's entering college and being kept closer to home.

Brian didn't begin to drum with the duo until 2005. His tasty conga playing adds a new spark to 'Ski, not to mention that his nickname became the group's name. (What else does Brian do? See Brian's Page.)

One big happy family? Usually. Our tastes agree on most music (universal), most food (universal), and most entertainment (not quite universal. We have our standards.) Traveling is a family addiction, as is playing music. Words, too. Did we mention we're addicted to words?

Check out the blog to see what any one of us is thinking about at the moment. Retaliate in kind by letting us know what you're thinking, suggesting songs, or inviting us over for dinner. It's all good!


'Ski Nopsis:

Congratulations, Kathryn!

Black River Rocks by Kathryn Morski
This piece is part of a tryptic by Kathryn that got accepted to the Photo(GEO)graphy exhibit at the Bonifas Arts Center.
'SKI is still planning our summer 2010. If you know a library where 'SKI should play for the Summer Reading Program, e-mail us and let us know!
Keep your eye open for a remastered version of 'Ski - Live at the Jo. Same great music, different sound!
'Ski is currently recording our new CD "Resisting Rhyme"
E-mail us with suggestions for what songs to put on it.

In our 'Ski-D players:

Anything by Bonnie Raitt
MC Chris is Dead - MC Chris
Black Gives Way to Blue - Alice in Chains
Shine - Bond
The Three Musketeers (1995) OST


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