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Brian Cashimer Morski

(drummer and singer)
Brian considered himself a heavy metal drummer for many years. Over time, the sneaky entreaties of his mother and sister began to penetrate his consciousness, and he began to play folk congas with them. "What the heck," he told himself, "I can stop any time."
But as we all know, it's just not that easy. First, there are the congas themselves, sleek, inviting, infinitely adaptable. Then the sensation of building the energy, energizing the song, feeling it come back to you from the band and the audience. Quit? I don't think so! 
He graduate from Eastern Michigan University in 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science in Philosophy and Communication. He is now working at Remy Battery in Escanaba to keep him off the streets and out of trouble. He has even been a part of Kellie Lin Knott and The Hangers On, just to stretch his jazz legs. He plays guitar, but not in public, and he's starting to sing a few covers on stage (he feels like Kathryn and Caitlin's songs have a distinct voice that's not his yet) to add a male 'perspective' to the music. He's debating learning bass in his 'spare' time. Though spare time is rare; he became a father in the fall of 2015! And creating a world - ask him about Aelwe and stand back! 
Any questions about Aelwe or how Brian got to be such a cool dude can be e-mailed to