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Caitlin Givhan Kirchenwitz

Writer, lead singer, and flautist
A performing musician from the age of twelve, Caitlin rejoiced in the gift of music from a young age. Growing up listening to her mother's original songs led to her first song at the age of three. After starting to home school in third grade, Caitlin started picking up guitar from her mother and taking flute lessons at a local music store. Although she had a love for words her entire life and started writing stories in 5th grade, she did not write songs that she would perform in public until she was 18. 
At the age of twelve after seeing a family band and finding out that the children in it were younger than she was, Caitlin demanded to sing with her mother.  Over the years of singing together, the two have "mind-melded" and now switch harmony and lead from song to song. Caitlin's voice has gotten stronger over the years, and her writing skills are awesome and touch those she sings for. 

She's THROUGH a Bachelors' Degree in Creative Writing and a Masters in Pedagogy from Northern Michigan University. Currently she is Mom to Menolly and Amalia, a cheerful service desk at Pioneer Kitchens, and teaching a class for Bay College at Campus West. Her plans may have changed a bit some - marriage, children, a dog, a house, and jobs came after throwing herself into writing, touring, and getting paid for the things she really wants to do with her life. And then she found out that the best things in life aren't always on the map. 

For any questions about how to become a diva or what it's like to be graduated with degrees in poverty, Drop Caitlin a line at