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'Ski and Coffee Houses

Through our wanderings we have found many different places we love to play. Coffee houses tend to be high on that list for several reasons.

  1. The crowd is often interactive while appreciative,
  2. Coffee houses have coffee
  3. Can you say, "White chocolate mocha with a triple shot"?

If you're a coffee house series looking to fill dates, we have the perfect demo for you. Our latest CD, Live at the Jo, was recorded in the coffee house in our home town of Rapid River, MI. The basic feel of the CD is a lot like one of our coffee house sets.

If you're not a coffee house but know of one you think would like our music, email us and let us know, send them here to our website, call, or share one of our CDs with them. We're interested. Especially if we don't have to sing over the espresso machine!

Some of our favorite coffee houses are on our Links page if you're interested in checking them out. And we love to find new coffee houses when we're on the road. Especially if they have music and / or books. And food.

Looking for cost? Check out our Rates Page.