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Hire 'SKI

Why hire 'SKI?

    • Great music
    • Words that mean something
    • Harmonies that delight the ear
    • Positive family dynamics
    • Energy that engenders good vibes

            To check out a few of our songs, head to our Words & Music page.

            What 'SKI can do for you?


            'SKI can combine fun and learning, too - ask about programs on songwriting or writing non-fiction. Or we could produce a play together with help from Theatre du Jour. We work with all demographics, because that's not how we see them - we're all people to us.

            If you'd like to talk to one of us, please fill out the form below. We love traveling and meeting new people as much as renewing old friendships.

            Looking for cost? Check out our rates page.

            CONTACT US

            Questions about hiring 'SKI? Ordering CDs? Send us a message; about anything!