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Kathryn Williams Morski

Lead writer, singer, and fingerstyle guitarist
Kathryn has been blessed with music her entire life. Living with a father who taught piano and voice, a mother who sang along with songs she knew on the radio, and singing harmonies with her two sisters and her brother, she was surrounded by music as a kid. She began piano lessons at age five and sang in church choirs. In high school she officially studied cello, but at home she picked up her sister's steel string guitar and started the path to being an idiosyncratic fingerstyle guitarist. Eventually her twisted way led through being bass player in a bluegrass band, singing in the chorus of the Detroit Opera Theater's Escanaba production of La Traviata, and Northern Tapestry, consisting of Kathryn, Cathy Wilson, and Vicki Soderberg, all of Escanaba at the time.
Writing songs fulfills the literary part of Kathryn's soul, the part that loves to play with words in any form, from verbal puns and good conversation through writing for magazines, newspapers, publicity functions, plays, poems, and stories. 
Day jobs have included being a waitress, grain inventory clerk, secretary for a log home company, PR for an art center, real estate closing person, reporter, and more. Kathryn has also been Chair of the Escanaba Downtown Development Authority, a Girl Scout leader, 5th grade boys' basketball coach, treasurer for a food buying club, and president of Delta Folks. Currently Kathryn works from home on music, gardening and feeding people, photography, and much more. If you want to contact Kathryn, drop her a line at . She's open to dialogue!