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  • Phil Cooper and Susan Urban - Susan's heart truly resides in the U. P. As members of Strong Voices (with Susan, Kathy Folkerts, Karen Mooney, and Ingrid Frances Stark), we got to know and love Susan's energy and songwriting, and you will, too!
  • Skip Jones - Wisconsin's Papa Folkie, shining spirit, and all around wonderful guy.
  • Four Shillings Short - Ever heard Celtic sitar? Christy Martin's sitar, mandolin, banjo, hammered dulcimer, and guitar combined with Aodg Og O'Tuama's hand drums, krum horn, and whistles would make for a great concert even without the brilliant and/or hilarious lyrics in harmony.
  • David HB Drake - Great Lakes maritime music combined with a rich view of Upper Midwest history - songwriter and performer extraordinaire.
  • Dan Hazlett - More than capo tricks and red shoes - fine songwriting that touches human issues, great instrumentalist and performer!
  • White Water - A family band from Amasa, MI, this group inspired Caitlin to demand to sing with her mother. We're truly grateful!
  • Marquette Unitarian Universalist Church - Marquette, MI. A great community where many people can share ideas and spirituality.

Past Gigs

  • The Golden Ring Music Store - Manitowoc, WI. A truly folk music store. The closest place to the UP to buy acoustic Shub Capos. Oh, and they have really cool guitar stands, too!

U. P. Links

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a magical place, geologically and biologically fascinating, with a culture that runs from copper miners from 5000 years ago to ice sculptures, casinos, art galleries, and rock-skipping contests. Wherever you go in the Upper Peninsula, from parks to forests, from campfires to sophisticated restaurants, take the time to see beauty around you. Enjoy a friendly smile. Walk along blocks of stores owned by folks who want to help you out. Marvel at the sheer number of stars overhead. Swim in fresh water. Picnic on sandy beaches or rocky points. It's a good place to bring family, or to come for some solitude. Leave a piece of yourself. Take home memories. Come again.

These are a few of the varied links that have caught my (admittedly fickle) eye.

  • Wikipedia - If you know nothing about the U.P., start here.
  • U P Blue - Wow! This guy (John December) has catalogued just about everything and has links for mucho info right here.
  • The Upper Peninsula Traveler - Recreation opportunities for those of you who have to go back home (or not. Whatever!).
  • Michigan Official Travel Site - Okay, it has the whole state. We're magnanimous up here in God's Country.