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Raise Money for your PTA!

If you're interested in bringing 'SKI to your school to write songs with all of your classes, you might want to consider the option of a School CD to sell to raise money for your PTA or School. 'Ski now has available portable recording technology that we can bring right into the classrooms that we are writing songs with.

How it works is 'SKI comes in and writes a song with a classroom as per the Sing Me A Poem workshop, then we record the entire class singing the song on our portable recording board and take pictures of the classes. After this, we bring the recordings back home, put them together in a CD format complete with cover. In a few weeks, we send you the completed CD to approve, then send the duplicated CDs ready to sell! This process is available for a price-per-CD cost that is lower than you would be selling the CDs for.

If this is the way you want to go, we only ask that you give 'SKI a room to set up the recording equipment in once we reach the school. For some reason, it's still faster and easier to bring the classes to the recording equipment!