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Classroom visit (45 min - 1 hour) - $150

Classroom visit (1 1/2 to 2 hours) - $200

School Assembly - $350

One Day Residen-'Skis* - $750

Two-Day Residen-'Skis* - $1350

Three-Day Residen-'Skis* - $2000

Week of 'SKI* - $3100

(Mileage may be added for out-of-town gigs)

*Your normal school day filled with 'SKI workshops and / or lectures and /or assembly. We need lunch and bathroom breaks.

Schools Affording 'Ski:

It's do-able in a variety of different ways. We've been utilized in grants for many years, and your PTA / PTO often has funds available for visits like ours.

We've also begun offering a couple of methods to "recoup your $" when presenting residencies with 'SKI:

  • Offer a 'SKI concert one evening. We'll include some of the songs we sing with classes as well as some the classes have written. Priced reasonably ($5 each or $10 for a family) this will generate funding for our visit. No charge with residencies - talk to us!
  • Memorialize 'SKI's visit for posterity - record all the songs written by classes and put out a CD with original student artwork as a cover. You can make money and memories at the same time! Find out more at our PTA Fundraiser Page.

In General:

We can sometimes adjust fees for you if you..

Find us more work in your area

Provide housing

Beg and plead...

Basically, we love to play for people and to present these workshops. If you're having funding difficulties or have creative ideas about our pay, let us know.

Interested in hiring 'SKI? Take a look at our Hire 'SKI page or fill out our contact form below for more information.