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Theatre du Jour

The set design is a three fold felt board with paste up props, the costuming is old Goodwill or attic clothes, and the whole thing is held together with as much imagination as a group of kids can muster. Theatre du Jour is 'SKI (and sometimes special guests) working with your group to write a play and ready it for production with costuming, set design, and acting lessons.

Teach facts and concepts that are otherwise hard to remember - or have a reason to research the play's subject. It's a great way to teach kids anything from history and social studies to math and science. Not only can the Theatre du Jour experience strengthen academic retention, it often enhances confidence and abilities to perform in front of others. And Theatre du Jour is fun for kids and adults involved!

We have done Theatre du Jour projects with classes ranging from kindergarten through junior high. We've spent as little time as a morning on an abbreviated version (whew!), but a week suits the project much better. Contact us to let us know how you'd like to bring your class' ideas to the stage.

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