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As lifelong readers, we love books and libraries. We're delighted to sing at a story hour, a writers' workshop, a special interest group, or wherever your imagination and ours can create a space. Our story songs go well with books for readers of all levels, and we can easily build a show that matches a theme for your program or one that's just for fun. 'SKI is a special treat to people who appreciate words and how they work together.

Summer reading programs are a tradition with us, too. (We were even featured at the librarian's meeting for the Upper Peninsula a few years ago.) From dragon dreams to mysteries, we've enjoyed the challenge of putting together a new show each year. This year, we're dreaming big, delighted to share our songs and stories about big ideas from the past, big characters, and big dreams for the future.

Go ahead and contact us to ask about our library programs or for a recommendation. We're anticipating another great summer, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

Looking for cost? Check out our Rates Page.